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Reptiles That Make the news

September 2003

Sep 01 2003

"Hunt or be hunted: Night stalkers enter gator season"

"Shady reptile dealers slither through Pa."

Sep 03 2003

"It's Reigning Cats And Dogs (And Fish And Reptiles)"

"PETA asking shareholders to stop Petco animal sales"

"Neighbors with scales and forked tongues"

Sep 05 2003

"The Sweet Sound of Frogs"

Sep 09 2003

"Alligators Have the Fiercest Bite"

Sep 10 2003

"'ANIMAL COPS: DETROIT': Rescuers are TV's top dogs "

Sep 19 2003

"Reptile fan has double slithering surprise"

"Scientists find ancient 1,545-pound rodent"

Sep 21 2003

"For 'gator hunters, the bite of low prices"

Sep 22 2003

"Thousands of your tax dollars may go to save desert toads"

"Hillsborough County might construct a database of exotic animals"

Sep 25 2003

"Rattlers shaking county residents"



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