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Reptiles That Make the news

January 2004 news

Jan 3 2004

"Pet food ingredients under scrutiny in wake of mad cow "

"'Crocodile Hunter' draws fire for feeding croc while cradling baby"

"'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin won't face charges "

Jan 4 2004

"'Crocodile Hunter' flees media frenzy "

"'Crocodile Hunter' ducks publicity after stunt with infant"

Jan 5 2004

"'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin rejects outrage over publicity stunt"

"Irwin: I'd Feed Crocodile, Hold Son Again"

Jan 10 2004

"Lagoons re-sited due to wetlands"

Jan 12 2004

"Man bitten after putting snake in pocket"

Jan 17 2004

"Animal-vehicle collisions eyed at conference"

Jan 18 2004

"10 pythons stolen from York County reptile shop"

Jan 20 2004

"Snake at McDonald's may have legal bite"

Jan 24 04

"Old specimens have a new look at Memorial Museum"

"Alligator remains found outside Panhandle school"

Jan 26 04

"Snakes get some attention at Snow Goose Festival"

"Major new laws on illegal immigrants, animals offered in Monett, Missouri"

Jan 31 04

"Albino Burmese Python Takes Sojourn, But Found"


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