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Reptiles That Make the news

August 2003

"Alligators Might also Transmit West Nile Virus"

Aug 05 2003

"Tighter rules sought on exotic pets after trade, risks increase"

"Poached alligator found in Rotonda"

Aug 06 2003

"Animals found dead, starving in Mount Vernon"

"Police wrap up backyard gator"

Aug 27 2003

"4-Foot alligator taken from residence in Cairo"

Aug 28 2003

"Another Madagascar tortoise hatches at Knoxville Zoo"

"Iguanas making their mark"

"Snakes on the loose 'rattle' Lake Oswego residents"

"From Italy to Dorset: global warming delivers UK a new lizard species"

Aug 31 2003

"Pennsylvania wildlife smuggled in illegal markets"

"Illegal animal trade draws from Pa."

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