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Snake Venom


Snake venom is a toxic substance produced in a highly developed secretory organ which the animal delivers during a biting act. Venom in snakes evolved as a adaptation for subduing pray. This remains the primary role of venom in nearly all snake species; venom serves only secondarily as a defensive adaptation. Another likely function of snake venom is the digestion of the pray.

Snake venom is a complicated mixture of various substances. No other natural product constitutes such an effective mixture of different factors that directly influence vital body functions which can lead to the death or severe impairment of its victim. Referred to as “devil’s brew cocktail” of between 10 and 20 distinct, biologically dynamic ingredients. Toxic proteins with multiple biochemical, immunological, pharmacological and pathological effects. Venom also includes 5 to 15 different enzymes and 3 to 12 nonenzymatic, low molecular weight polypeptides.

Snake venom is freeze-dried and vacuum stored in refrigeration for years without destruction of toxicity. Not only is it stored for anti-venom, but serves as a valuable tool for biochemical research, and is used for therapeutic agents, such as vaccines, anticoagulants and anti-cancer drugs, to fight modern diseases.





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