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Bismark Python

Bothrochilus Boa

Formerly classified as Liasis boa

Common Names: Ringed Python


This is a medium size python reaching a maximum length of about six feet, but rarely reach 6 feet. They have fairly slender bodies and small heads for a python this size.
The pattern can be quite variable ranging from alternating bands of black and orange to an almost complete lack of black markings or they can have striped appearance. Juveniles are more attractively colored than the adults as the bright orange coloring fades with age


Northeastern Papua-New Guineathe the Bismarck Islands.


These pythons are very easy to maintain, they are terrestrial in habit so they dont need much vertical space. We keep ours on about 2" of Cypress mulch, into which they like to borrow. We also supply them with a stone hide box placed over a spot of moist sphagnum moss. They are a thin skinned species like reticulated and white lipped pythons and have trouble shedding if conditions are to dry.


Daytime ambient about 78 deg.f, with a hot or basking spot of 86 deg.f. The humidity should be around 75%.


Bismarck's are mainly terrestrial, this species feeds mostly at night. Small mammals, such as mice, should be fed once every week or two, depending on the snakes preference.


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